Exploring new narratives and meanings to our stories

Experiential Training Workshop using OH cards

25th June 2022

10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Venue: Venue :Co-work Borough

109 Borough High St,  London, SE1 1NL

The OH Cards are therapeutic tools which enable us to increase the understanding of our inner world, stimulate spontaneity and permit us to discover our own resources.

The cards foster our imagination, our joy and creativity, allowing us to find different narratives and meaning to our stories.

In this workshop the cards are used  as a script which invites the participants to shift from telling the story  to experiencing it by using movement , music and art.

We will work in small groups using the associative cards with different structures which allow the participants to express, release and work through their emotions without being overwhelmed.

Aimed to at any professional working in the caring profession of Mental Health or Education

Lili Levy is a HCPC Registered Dramatherapist and  Clinical Supervisor. She has a private practice in London. She has been working and trained professionals on the therapeutic use of the OH cards in UK and Spain for the last twenty-five years. Furthermore, she is the co-author of two published Spanish Dramatherapy books. Lili is a great believer in the therapeutic power of creating stories and finding different meanings to the old ones.


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